Let's Go title card

Let’s Go

Throughout my life, I’ve often had thoughts like “If only I could change these few things in my life — if only I could get my act together — *then* I would be a REAL Christian.” It always felt like a destination that was just out of reach. But when I look at the disciples who followed Jesus during his lifetime, it’s clear they didn’t have it all figured out. They were just invited along for the journey.

A few years ago, I was all fired up about following Jesus and doing whatever God tells me. (For reference, see the first 90 seconds of this song.) …But what about when the directive is unclear?
This time in particular, I had a hunch that God was leading me towards some kind of music career. (I had a stack of clues pointing to this, but nothing conclusive.) But what if I misheard him? What if I pick the wrong path? This stressed me out for a while until I gave myself to the end of the day to figure out what God wanted.

I finally came to this conclusion: any decision I make in pursuit of God’s plan can’t be that bad. If I choose ‘wrong’, would God just say, “tsk tsk, you screwed up, nice knowing ya”? That doesn’t sound like the God I know. I was trying my best, seeking God’s will, and it brought me to this point. I can trust God’s character as I take my next best step. God might correct my path along the way. But at least it’s nice to have a companion for the journey ❤


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You said, “Come and follow me”
Go beyond what I can see
Journey to a land that you will show
I won’t know which words to say
Might have countless bills to pay
But I will follow anyway, let’s go

I ain’t missing anything
No dollar bills or diamond rings
‘Cause you’re worth more than everything that I own
You will keep my life on track
I don’t need no Farmer’s Almanac
Now there ain’t no turning back, let’s go

And I don’t need to worry that your plans will fall apart
You can see each step I’ll take before I even start

Might get dirty, I suppose
So I won’t bring my fancy clothes
Jesus didn’t have a place to call home
Harvest time is here, you know
So I’ll find some friends to share the load
and we’ll meet Jesus on the road, let’s go

Is this where you’re leading us?
Sometimes it’s not obvious
You don’t always tell me yes or no
Should I try to read the clues?
Or is this one for me to choose?
Well, I’ve got nothing left to lose, let’s go

Sometimes I know where to be
Though it’s only momentarily
But I’ll keep whistling merrily as I go
I’ll try to have my journey planned
But I’ll hold it in my open hand
And I’ll jump and find out where I land, let’s go

And I don’t need to fret about each little move I make
‘Cause any step I take towards you can’t be a mistake

No point being paralyzed
It’s time to get some exercise
You don’t seem to love the status quo
I’m not searching for the end
I’m simply walking with a friend
And we’ve got lots of time to spend, let’s go

[instrumental solo]

Oh I’m not waiting for the perfect day when I arrive
I’ll enjoy my walk with you each day that I’m alive

There’s not much I’m sure about
Haven’t found a cure for doubt
But you can help me figure out as we go
Never mind what I rehearsed
God, you designed the universe
So once I finish up this verse let’s go


Nathaniel Caravan: bass
Emma Flowerdew: vocals
Mark: vocals, piano, trombones, ocarina, organ, programming, mixing

Written by Mark Amadeus Flowerdew. Recorded in Mark’s home in Halifax NS.
Mastered by Don Chapman. Title card by Mark.
Released August 20, 2021.

ISRC: CAREH2100002, ISWC: T3064621116, ©&℗ 2021 Mark Amadeus Flowerdew


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