"Let's Go" album cover

Cover art by Nathan Little

Let’s Go (2021)

This album finds delight in the journey of walking alongside God

1. Let’s Go

2. Good Job

3. Lead The Way

4. Don’t Know Where I’m Going

5. Break It Down

6. Welcome

7. Sinner Saved By Grace

8. Nope

9. You Are The One

10. A Long, Long Time

Lenten Carols album cover art by Mark Amadeus Flowerdew

Lenten Carols (2016)

Mark’s first solo project explores Lent, the season of radical self-examination.



1. Deny Yourself

2. Forgive Me

3. Powder

4. The Harvest

5. I Love the World

6. I’ll Follow

7. I’m Not Alone

8. Then They Cried Out to the Lord

9. Ash

10. Lord, I Love You