A Long Long Time title card

A Long, Long Time

For an album about the “journey” of following Jesus, this final track is about the end of the journey. But it’s not really the end, is it? Apparently, in some mysterious way, the journey just keeps on going after death.

A lot has been made of the afterlife. I feel like entire denominations & sects are built on certain confident interpretations of heaven/eschatology. As far as I can tell, the Bible doesn’t try hard to explain the logistics of it all, and whatever’s in there seems pretty abstract and poetic to me anyway.

In this song, I share only modest conclusions about the afterlife. Like other songs, this tune began as simply a dumb understatement (of course eternity is a long time), but the implications of eternity are huge. It makes our daily troubles seem a little smaller by comparison. It offers a supreme closeness with God to look forward to. It lends a glimmer of hope to the vast tragedies and injustices of the world, because someday the story ends with God’s perfect kingdom. Not to be escapist either: eternity shifts our current priorities towards longer-lasting things — love, kindness, treasures in heaven, strongholds that will outlast greed and hate.


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When I breathe my final breath
I am not afraid of death
Living isn’t over when I die
Resurrection might come first
I’m not sure how this all works
I just know that things will turn out fine
And eternity with you … is a long, long time

Who needs clouds and pearly gates?
People do exaggerate
It likely isn’t somewhere in the sky
But I know where I’m going to
Eternal life is knowing you
The only life that truly satisfies
And eternity with you … is a long, long time

A long … a long, long time
A long … a long, long, long time
A long … a long … a long, long time

Oftentimes, it’s hard to sing
Challenging days are … challenging
But someday, somewhere, every word will rhyme
My destiny is figured out
What can I complain about?
All I hope for is already mine
And eternity with you … is a long, long time

I know the truth, I know the way
Eternity, it starts today
But I look forward to the final climb
I catch glimpses when I can
But soon I’ll see you God-to-man
Soon I’ll never need to wonder why
And eternity with you … is a long, long time

A long … a long, long time
A long … a long, long, long time
A long … a long … a long, long time

After all the pain and stress,
Poverty and brokenness,
Jesus has a better plan in mind
No more crying, no more death
Endless praise and endless rest
He will wipe the tears from all our eyes
And eternity with you … is a long, long time.


Emma Flowerdew: vocals
Mark: vocals, ukulele, banjo, accordion, piano, mandolin, programming, mixing

Written by Mark Amadeus Flowerdew. Recorded in Mark’s home in Halifax NS.
Mastered by Don Chapman. Title card by Mark.
Released August 20, 2021.

ISRC: CAREH2100011, ISWC: T3064621116, ©&℗ 2021 Mark Amadeus Flowerdew

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